Bio Flora Neem Grow

Bio-Flora Neem Grow (250ml,500ml, 1L & 5L)

Azadirachta indica (neem) seed cold-pressed oil 93%
A high quality imported neem oil that has been emulsified to allow easy mixing with spray tanks water and stabilized to reduce UV degradation


  • Australian certified organic (ACO) registered farm input 456Al.
  • Can be used as a natural organic sulfur, proteins, vitamins, glycerides and numerous beneficial trace elements.
  • Effective over a wide ph range
  • Neem is a recognised bio-balancer.


Application rates

Vegetables: 1-2L/ha, apply weekly or as required
Fruit: 1-2L/ha, apply monthly or as required
Folia spray: 1L per 300L water up to 2L/ha equivalent
Do not apply in the 2 weeks period to flowering or during flowering. Do not apply 5-7days before harvest.


  • it is possible to create a phytotoxic reaction if neem oil products are applied in concentrated form. Do not exceed 1:300 concentration.
  • Due to high levels of natural vegetable fats, the oil may become very thick or viscous during cold weather and may clog equipment. If it becomes waxy, place the container in hot water until the consistency reverts to a liquid form.
  • Many of the components in the neem extract are not stable under UV radiation
  • Do not leave in sunlight for prolonged periods.


Typical analysis W/V

Azdirachta indica (neem)seed
Cold pressed oil……….93%
Appearance……………Golden yellow liquid


Shake or stir well before use. Where higher water rates are required for good foliar coverage, do not exceed maximum product rate per hectare. If using on a crop for the first time a test should be performed on a small area at the intended dilution rate and observed for any reaction within 24hours. If any crinkling or wilting of leaves is observed then oil will need to be further diluted and re-tested before proceeding. Frequencies are a guideline only and can be adjusted according to farm practices and/or in conjunction with crop monitoring. Ensure suitable spray conditions (e.g. Temperature, humidity, wind-speed), prior to foliar application compatibility and /or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. Jar test for compatibility before wide-spread use.

    Storage & handling

  • Warning: poison (S5). See safety directions on label.
  • Do not pre-mix or store in diluted form.
  • Seal lid/cap immediately after use.

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