Bio Flora Premium Green Compost

Bio Flora Premium Green Compost

Packaging size
: 40L

Product Description :
Suitable to use in soil preparation,nursery level, reconditioning and beautification works.

Benefits :
-Increase in crops yields
-Improve soil structure, texture and soil fertility
-Revive damaged soil
-Stabilize soil PH
-Increase moisture retention
-Improve soil’s physical, chemical, and biological properties.

Application of Bio-Flora Premium Green Compost:
1. The ideal soil condition would be a mix ratio of compost and soil 1:1.
2. Remove the weed around the plants.
3. Tilling of soil around the plants.
4. For mulching, a normal application of 1.5-2 inches spread evenly.
5. Top up every 2 to 3 months.

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