Bio Flora Premium Veggie Mix


Packaging Size:

  • 40L

Description & Benefits:

  • Ideal for wide range of plants especially for all edible vegetables and herbs
  • Promotes Rapid Germination
  • Provide plant with High Level Organic Matter
  • Promotes healthy root establishment and growth
  • Promotes and improve plant growth

Composition: white peat, black peat, sand, NPK fertilizer; Organic Compost; Perlite


Potted herbs and vegetables

  • Use Premium Veggie Mix straight from the bag.
  • Before re potting, water original pots thoroughly and allow them to drain
  • Choose a clean pot, bowl or basket with large drainage holes and partly fill it with mix.
  • Carefully knock the plant out of its existing pot and gently remove any damaged or dried out roots without breaking up the main root ball
  • Place the plant in the new pot, checking that it will be at the same level as it was in the old pot, and fill with fresh mix to within 2cm of the rim of the pot
  • Tap the pot gently to allow the mix to settle.
  • Water thoroughly and add a little more mix if settling occurs after watering.
  • Allow excess water to drain away freely
  • Place the pot (herb) in a shady area for 2-3 days before moving pot back to an open position


Vegetable and Herb Beds

  • Add a 10 to 15cm layer of Premium Veggie Mix to your garden bed
  • Thoroughly mix it into the top 20 to30cm of soil
  • To create raised beds, add an additional layer of mix to the bed and mix it in. This should raise the bed 15 to 20cm above the surrounding soil
  • When setting up a raised vegetable box, use Premium Veggie Mix straight from the bag for the top 30-45cm of soil in the box. Top up as required after each crop has finished. Level the surface
  • Sow seeds or plant out seedlings
  • Water thoroughly after sowing and planting, and repeat as frequently as is required to maintain uniform moisture until plants are well established

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