BVB Hydrogran

BVB Hydrogran (Leca) – 40L

Hydro Clay Pebbles are an environmentally friendly grow medium that can be reused again. These clay pebbles have been fired in super-heated kilns causing them to expand and become extremely porous. These tiny holes and crevices inside each pebble hold and transmit extremely high amounts of air and water to the roots of your plant, helping them grow bigger and faster, and making them perfect for hydroponic systems.

Size: 8 – 16mm


Semi culture:

  • Fill the planter completely with hydro clay pebbles, add the plant with soil clad and water well.
  • Half-fill the pot with hydro clay pebbles.
  • Insert the plant and spread the roots evenly in the hydro clay pebbles.
  • Now fill the pot with hydro clay pebbles.


  • Place 4.5cn hydro clay pebbles into the planter.
  • Fill up the pot with soil.

Can also use Hydro Clay Pebbles as a top layer as decoration (Ornamental use).
It also reduces the evaporation from the top pf the growing medium.

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