Cate Fe DTPA

Cate Fe DTPA Fertilizer

Guaranteed Content :Water soluble Iron fe : 6% DTPA Chelated Iron fe 6%Ph range in which the chelate is Stable 4-7.5

Iron fe: 6% DTPA is a highly stable, chelated iron fertilizer. It can be applied in soulless culture cultivation, orchards, vegetable field crops, leaves and / or soil, roots. It is used in the prevention and correction of iron deficiency. It is produced as a liquid for easy use in the volumetric system.

Soilless Agriculture Applications:

In solid media, water and air (hydroponic, wick, ebb&flow, aeroponic, drip, NFT, etc.) cultures, the rates should be calculated and used by expert consultants as needed.

cc/100 L water (g/1000 L.ppm) mol/L
200-2000 (120-1200) 2.14 – 21.4

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