Hicure (Biostimulant)

Hicure (Biostimulant)

Package size: 5L
Composition: 18 Amino acids , A combination of Peptides
Activity Group:Amino acids and peptides
Shelf Life: 5 Years

Mode of action: Hicure is completely taken up by the plant when applied either as a foliar or soil
application.HICURE® is a liquid plant biostimulant (PFC 6) based on amino acids and
peptides. Hicure supports natural processes in the plant enhancing plant performance in
general and especially under abiotic stress conditions. university trials clearly demonstrate:

Hicure contains a range of Amino acids and both long and short chain peptides. The high
concentration of amino acids in Hicure means they’re ready for the plant to build into key
proteins.Hicure help to improve health, growth and vigour. In our trials we saw that
supplying the additional amino acids in Hicure led to greater root mass, longer shelf life as
well as improved health, growth and vigour which was more resistant to disease.

Hicure contains high strength and glycerin to strengthen cells and protect against osmotic
stress caused by heat, drought and ice formation.

Hicure is unique formulation of free amino acids and short and long chain peptides that
balance our turfs immediate and long-term needs.

Hicure is specifically designed to build turf strength, protect from the effects of abiotic
stresses and recover after damage.

Improve turf quality,Increase turf density,Enhance colour, Recover from damage

Hicure Key Benefits:
Stress reduction and improve quality and shelf life
Better root development and efficient uptake
Crop losses reduced
Easy to apply and small doses give significant effects
Highly compatible in tank mixes
Naturally derived and safe to beneficial and IPM compatible
High concentration of Amino Acids and proven performance on ornamental

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