Hydroponica Zinc (Zn)


Micro Elements% w/w
Manganese (Zn) – EDTA15


Physical StateCrystalline Solid
pH in water (1% conc.)5 – 7
SolubilitySoluble in water

Chelated Micro Element

DRT Zn – EDTA is a crystalline fertilizer contains EDTA chelated 15%zinc. Product focused on to prevent or treat zinc deficiency. With chelating feature of EDTA, product is effective in wide range of pH. Zinc uptake decrease especially in high pH, over-irrigated and non-aerated soils. Zinc is essential for many physiological events such as chlorophyll synthesis, carbohydrate transport, hormone synthesis/transport and water uptake.


  • Suitable for both soil and foliar application
  • Available in wide range of pH with EDTA chelate
  • Not phytotoxic between recommended dosage
  • Prevent zinc deficiency with regular use

Recommended Dose

Soil Application
CropRemarksDosage Kg/ha
Fruit Trees3 applications: After fruit set, Vegetative development, post-harvest2 – 4
Banana3 applications: During maintenance. Development and 20 days later4 – 6
Citrus4 applications: After flowering. After fruit set. Fruit coloration. Post-harvest.4 – 8
Strawberry, Raspberry3 applications: White fruit stage. Fruit development. Post-Harvest.1 – 2
Vegetables5 applications: 4-6 leaf stage. Development stage. Every 20 days with intervals2 – 3
Cut Flowers6 applications: 4-6 leaf stage. Development stage. Every 20 days with intervals.2 – 3
Foliar Applicationg/100 Lwater
Cereals2 applications: With herbicides and 20 days later.200 – 300
Potato2 applications: 3 weeks after germination and 20 days later200 – 300
Sugar Beet2 applications: 3 weeks after germination and 20 days later200 – 300
Canola2 applications: 3 weeks after germination and 20 days later200 – 300
Fruit TreesApplication after flowering. Afterwards 3 applications with 20 day intervals.80 – 110
VegetablesApplication during flowering. Afterwards 3 applications with 30 day intervals.50 – 100
Cut FlowersApplication at 4-6 leaf stage. Afterwards 4 applications with 20 day intervals.50 – 100
LawnDuring development with 20 day intervals.60 – 100
Soilless CultureApplication and dosages determined according to experts.

Area of Use

  • All crops for preventing and/or treating zinc deficiency.
  • As a complementary product for fertilizing programs.


DRT Zn-EDTA is compatible with the most commonly used phytosanitary products andplant nutrients. But Doktor Tarsa always recommends a compatibility test before use.

Conditions of Use

  • The product must be kept in its original container and well closed.
  • Store the product in a well ventilated, dry and secure area.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures lower than 5 o C and over 40 oC.
  • Keep out of reach of children and inexperienced people.
  • Do not store or transport in the vicinity of herbicides, food, animal feed and/or seeds.
  • Empty containers should dispose according to regulations of the local authorities.
  • Do not wash containers near natural water sources.
  • Always wear protective hand gloves and clean body-covering clothing.
  • Wear goggles or full-face covering shield.
  • Maintain eye wash fountain or clean water source in case of contact with eye


Doktor Tarsa warrants that the product within the unopened container conforms to the chemical description on this label. The directions on this label are based on tests, believed to be reliable. As the occurrence of unusual weather or soil conditions and use of this product are all beyond the control of Doktor Tarsa, no guarantee, expressed or impliedis made as to the effects of such use or the result obtained. For more information please contact with your local distributor or call Doktor Tarsa Market Development Department.

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