Monument 75WG (Herbicide)

Pack size:

5 x 5 g


75 g/kg – AI- Trifloxysulfuron sodium

Activity Group:

Group 2 Herbicide


WG (water dispersible granule)

For the control of Sedges, Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds in Turf as per Directions for Use

Monument® 75WG herbicide gives turf professionals a great tool for controlling all major sedges and more than 40 other weeds on their turf. Create great looking turf with this broad-spectrum herbicide that inhibits weed growth soon after application. Monument 75WG also removes over-seeded, cool-season grasses which helps ensure a better transition to bermudagrass.


  • Post- emergence control of all major categories of sedge species
  • When mixing with Barricade pre-emergent herbicide, spectrum of weeds control
  • Available in a 25- gram box containing five 5-gram packets for treating larger area


  • Save time in manual weeding and most effective in managing sedges
  • Easy handling and mixing

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