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Fertikal.N.V. focuses on the production of organic N-P-K fertilizers and offers a sustainable solution with a wide range of well-compresses, homogeneous products with an N-P-K- composition which fully meets the customer’s needs.
While the Benelux produces excessive amounts of manure, elsewhere in the world there is a strong need for nutrients in the agricultural industry. The necessity for global sustainable soil management demands an approach based on organic fertilizer. They are very popular because they do not only provide N-P-K, but also humus to improve poor soils and as such restore its biodiversity significantly.

Thanks to its modern production plant, fertikal’s organic manure granules meet all current fertilization standards with respect to homogeneity, spreading accuracy, performance, hygienization and traceability. And this traceability is guaranteed from source to end-user.

Our fertilizer consist of well-balanced nutritional composition.

Our activities strive to deliver the best quality on a permanent basis. That is why fertikal has invested in a quality system that guarantees stringent production control, which is equipped with an analysis protocol at bath level. The production process and distribution of organic fertilizers meets the European standards with respect to pasteurization in regulation (EC) 1069/2009.

Fertikal is situated in the heart of the Antwerp port area,with its transportation and accessibility benefits.

Our fertilizers are made from natural vegetable –and / or animal –based ingredients, are free from chemical additives and pure in composition, and in conformity with the strict Belgian standards in the field.

Our organic fertilizers have a lot to offer.

The benefits of these organic fertiliizer are:-

  • No leaching, environmentally friendly
  • Gradual release of nutrients, long–lasting effect
  • No scorching
  • Balanced plant growth, without stress
  • Organic particles are converted into humus and as such improve and preserve the soil structure
  • Stimulated soil life
  • No additives, no harmful effects on humans, animals or the environment
  • Easy -to-use
  • Homogeneous and stable product

Organic fertilizer effect from their main nutritional constituents and influence a healthy crop growth:

  • Nitrogen(N) = stimulates cell division (growth)
  • Phosphorus(P205) = stimulates root information
  • Potassium(K20) = improves firmness and the flowering and fructification process
  • Magnesium(MG)= the main constituent for chlorophyll
  • Trace elements Fe,B,Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo= prevent deficiency diseases


The final product has gone through heat treatment (= hygienization) for at least 60 minutes with a minimum temperature of 70° Celsius. This treatment suppresses spore formations (clostridium perfringens), toxin formation (salmonella) and weed germination and as such results in a fertilizer which is free from bacteria, germs and weed seeds.

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