PH Regulator (Fertigreen Dolomite)

Technical Data and Instruction Sheet


Carbonic magnesium lime 90, granulated for arable land, grassland, woodland and garden


Dolokorn results from granulating super-fine milled dolomite meal


CaCO3: 60 %
MgCO3: 30 %
Alkaline active constituents (rated as CaO): 53 %

Bulk density:

approx. 1170 kg/m³

Specific Density:

2.47 g/cm³


Keep dry, decomposes when exposed to water or humidity

Grain size:

as granulate ~ 1.6 -5.6 mm; after decomposition 90 % < 0.063 mm


Carbonic magnesium lime supplies lime and magnesium to conserve soil structure, improve soil biology and to raise the pH level. Lime and magnesium dissolve in water in carbonated soils. Therefore, for example magnesium can immediately be absorbed by the plant. When using with liquid manure there are no nitrogen losses due to lime.


Arable land

– Recovery liming according to soil analysis
– Conservation liming 30 dt/ha every 3 years


– Recovery liming according to soil analysis
– Conservation liming 15 – 20 dt/ha every 4 years


– Soil protection liming every 10 – 15 years 30 dt/ha
– Soil preparation for deciduous wood…. 30 – 50 dt/ha
– Tree hole liming and individual plant fertilization 100 – 300 g/plant


– Recovery liming up to 30 kg/100 m²
– Conservation liming 5 – 8 kg/100 m² annually for the lawn
– Conservation liming 5 – 10 kg/100 m² annually for the vegetable bed
– Conservation liming 12 – 15 kg/100 m² annually for fruit trees
– for compost improvement approx. 20 kg/m³


– on arable land and grassland by rotary spreader
– in woodland by helicopter, rotary spreader and by hand
– well-proven and highly suitable for blending machines
– in the garden with spreading machines or by hand


– by tipper truck – loose
– in 20 or 40 kg sacks
– in big-bags

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