Plantacote Top K

PLANTACOTE ® Top K 6M 10 :9 :19 +2mg0+TE


Product Description

Plantacote Top K 6M is a controlled release fertilizer, coated with an outstanding tough and resilient polymer coating. Each granule contains all major and trace elements which are necessary for an optimal growth. Plantacote Top K is especially designed for crops with a high potassium demand. Due to the N:K ratio of nearly 1:2 in the Plantacote Top K formulation , excessive plant growth is avoided and thus the plant stability and compactness is promoted and the flowering performance improved.

The nutrients supply coincides with the physiological requirements of the crop over the entire crop cycle of 6 months. The release is based on a natural membrane process which is only controlled by soil temperature. Declared release times refer to an average soil temperature of 21 ºC. Higher temperatures accelerate the nutrient release, lower temperatures slow it down. In comparison to slow release fertilizers the release time is unaffected by substrate type, PH, micro-organisms or level of irrigation.


  • Potassium pronounced formulation, especially suited for herbaceous perennials
  • Homogenous product, each granule contains all essential nutrients (NPK+ trace elements)
  • Regular and continuous release over the declared longevity
  • Optimal plant growth
  • High nutrient use efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly duo to reduction of volatilization and run-off
  • Ultra-safe coating : no risk of cracks and breaks during handling and mixing
  • Strict quality control to guarantee a consistent product in each bag
  • Savings on labor and nutrient inputs



Longevity; 5-6 months (21ºC soil temperature)
Packaging: 25kg in a plastic bag
Appearance: beige-coloured granules
Bulk density (kg/I): approx. 1.0
Particle size: 2-4mm


For stock fertilization of substrates, Plantacote® Top K should be evenly mixed with the substrate before planting. In case of topdressing the granules should be evenly spread on container or bed surface. Additions to the substrate (e.g. lime) do not affect the product efficiency. The recommended rates of use refer to substrates containing no nutrients. If already fertilized substrates are to be used, the indicated rates of Plantacote ®Top K should be reduced accordingly


Store in cool and dry place, the recommendations given here are of a general nature only.
Carefully consult the special instructions for use before applying the product especially in tunnels and greenhouse as well as under dark foil.

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