Plantacote Triple


Plantacote Triple is a 100% coated controlled release fertilizer containing the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a well balanced formulation in every granule. This ensures an even supply with major nutrients throughout the entire crop cycle.

Plantacote Triple is especially designed for crops with a high phosphorus demand. The product promotes the root development an in addition improves the flowering performance.

The nutrients of Plantacote Triple are released by a natural membrane process which is controlled by soil temperature. Declared release times refer to an average soil temperature of 21 °C. Higher temperatures accelerate the nutrient release, lower temperatures decelerate it. The release time is unaffected by substrate type, pH, micro-organisms or level of irrigation.

Key benefits of Plantacote Triple

  • Well balanced formulation improves flowering performance and root development
  • Each granule contains all essential macronutrients
  • Complete nutrient supply throughout the growing season
  • Labour saving
  • Ultra-safe coating
  • withstands extreme mechanical stress during the handling and mixing
  • no risk of salt stress even under the most adverse weather conditions
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