Primo Maxx (Growth regulator)

Pack size: 1 L

Composition: 120 g/L AI- Trinexapac-ethyl

Formulation: ME (micro-emulsion concentrate)

For the reduction of leaf and stem growth of grass species and as an aid in turf management as per the Directions for Use

Primo Maxx® promotes denser, healthier turf that is better able to withstand a variety of stresses including heat, drought, diseases and traffic. It slows the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation. Vertical shoot growth is slowed, while lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots is stimulated.


  • Useful in the management of difficult-to-mow areas and can be used to minimize the need for edging turfgrass
  • Multiple applications will reduce water use and improve drought tolerance
  • Advanced formulation technology ensures it mixes completely with water and does not settle out in a spray tank
  • It can extend the duration of marking visibility when applied before or with marking agents


  • Pre-stress conditioning plant and promote healthier plant
  • Increase turf density resulted to faster and smoother playing surface
  • Cost savings in labour by reducing mowing frequency
  • Provide adequate level of nitrogen, particularly in the spring and early summer.
  • Mow grass at regular intervals.
  • Reduce thatch.
  • Increase air circulation.
  • Irrigate turf deeply and as infrequently as possible to avoid drought stress.
  • Remove dew from the turf early in the day.

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