Process Method & Production Flow



From Material To Product



Step 1: The Raw Material Stage


Step 2: The Processing Stage


Step 3: The Process Stage


Step 4: The Packing Stage


Step 5: The End Product



Benefits of using Bio-Flora Compost/Mulch Grade

Using Bio-Flora Compost has a wide array of benefits. As a soil conditioner that releases nutrient slowly, it has the following basic benefits:

1. Improve soil condition
2. Healthier plant
3. Better aesthetics
4. Environmentally friendliness
5. Cost savings

Common application of Bio-Flora Compost

  • The ideal soil condition would have a mix ratio of compost and soil of 1: 1
  • Remove weed around the plants
  • Tilling of soil around the plants
If soil cannot be till, spread layer of Bio-Flora pure and then mulch on top with amount depending on soil condition
  • For mulching, a normal application of 1.5” to 2” spread evenly
  • Watering required after application.

When to use?

For proper plant growth or ideal soil condition for plants, the fundamental building block must be in place. Therefore, Bio-Flora Organic Compost and mulch should be used during the crucial stages such as soil preparation, nursery level, reconditioning of soil and beautification works .

Long-term Benefits

The use of Bio-Flora Compost has long-term benefits. It promotes a shift away from fertilizers towards more environment-friendly products. It complements the growing industry of agriculture and landscaping thus helps promote Singapore towards achieving the GREEN NATION status in future.