Speedfol Combine


Micro Elements% w/w
Boron (B)1,5
Copper (Cu)0,5
Iron (Fe)5
Manganese (Mn)3
Molybdenum (Mo)0,05
Zinc (Zn)4


Physical StateCrystalline Solid
pH in water (1% conc.)3-5
SolubilitySoluble in water

Mixture of Trace Elements

Speedfol Combine is a crystalline fertilizer contains mixture of trace elements like boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Product focused on to prevent or treat micro nutrient deficiencies.With the special additives inside plants absorb nutrients faster and easier. Speedfol Foliar range phytotoxicity, scorching risk and possibility of leaf damage is very low compared to other foliar products. When it is applied, it prevents plant nutrition deficiencies and corrects deficiencies quickly if exists.

Micro nutrients inside Speedfol Combine are essential elements for plants and their roles are critical for many different plant metabolic processes. Boron is taking role at pollination. Copper is taking role at respiration. Iron is taking role at energy cycles and chlorophyll synthesis. Manganese is taking role at chloroplast synthesis and respiration. Molybdenum is taking role at protein synthesis and biological nitrogen fixation. Zinc is taking role at plant hormones synthesis.


  • Suitable for both soil and foliar application
  • All six essential micro elements inside
  • Contains adjuvants for better absorption
  • Very low scorching risk
  • Not phytotoxic between recommended dosage
  • Prevent micro nutrient deficiencies with regular use

Recommended Dose

CropRemarksDosage g/100 L water
AppleApply with bud break and after petal fall with 10-14 day intervals. Additionally apply as post-harvest application before leaves fall.250
ApricotApply before flowering. Repeat application with 7- 14 day intervals if needed after petal fall. Additionally apply as post-harvest application before leaves fall250
GrainApply between tillering and stem elongation period. Repeat applications with 10-14 day intervals if needed between same periods.400
CherryApply before flowering. Repeat application with 7- 14 day intervals if needed after petal fall. Additionally apply as post-harvest application before leaves fall.250
CitrusApply with Spring and Autumn shoots. Repeat application with 10-14 day intervals if deficiency levels are medium or severe for both application times.300
CottonApply with plant active growth stage begins.400
VineyardFirst application with flower bud and flower cluster development. Second application at flower buds break.250
Peanut3 applications with 10 day intervals when 6 leaf stage.200
CornApply with the early development stages when sufficient number of leaves developed (4-6 leaf stage).400
Onion3 applications with 14 day intervals when 4 leaf stage.300
Potato3 applications with 14 day intervals after emergence.300
RiceApplication with the beginning of head formation (4-6 leaf stage). Repeat application after 10 days.400
TomatoApplication with 4-6 leaf stage. Repeat application after 10-14 days.200
Melon-Watermelon3 applications with 10 day intervals when 6 leaf stage.200
Soil ApplicationApply with drip irrigation systems. Repeat application if needed3 kg/ha

Area of Use

  • All crops for preventing and/or treating micro element deficiencies.
  • Post-harvest application to fulfill tree reserves.
  • As a complementary product for fertilizing programs.


Speedfol Combine is compatible with the most commonly used phytosanitary products and plant nutrients. But Doktor Tarsa always recommends a compatibility test before use.

Conditions of Use

  • The product must be kept in its original container and well closed.
  • Store the product in a well ventilated, dry and secure area.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures lower than 5 o C and over 40 oC.
  • Keep out of reach of children and inexperienced people.
  • Do not store or transport in the vicinity of herbicides, food, animal feed and/or seeds.
  • Empty containers should dispose according to regulations of the local authorities.
  • Do not wash containers near natural water sources.
  • Always wear protective hand gloves and clean body-covering clothing.
  • Wear goggles or full-face covering shield.
  • Maintain eye wash fountain or clean water source in case of contact with eye.


Doktor Tarsa warrants that the product within the unopened container conforms to the chemical description on this label. The directions on this label are based on tests, believed to be reliable. As the occurrence of unusual weather or soil conditions and use of this product are all beyond the control of Doktor Tarsa, no guarantee, expressed or implied made as to the effects of such use or the result obtained. For more information please contact with your local distributor or call Doktor Tarsa Market Development Department.

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