Speedfol is a series of foliar fertilizers developed to supply farmers need from every aspect. Its suspension concentrate, soluble liquid and solid formulations make Speedfol unique in its kind with high density and effectiveness. Special additives inside of the products support plants to absorb nutrients faster and easier. Beside, product wash-off rate by rain decreased to increase application effectiveness. Because quality raw materials included to manufacturing process, products don’t contain heavy metals, phytotoxicity, scorching risk and possibility of leaf damage is very low compared to other foliar products. When it is applied, it prevents plant nutrition deficiencies and corrects deficiencies quickly. Speedfol provides special active elements that bio-stimulate crops from roots to leaves and ensures crop quality.

Phenological Range

Plants want and need chance according to phenological stages. To fulfil this demand, Phenological Range of Speedfol Series, formulated according to plant development stages. Nutrients and plant growth regulators inside determined according to need of plants for starting (Starter), vegetative development (Vegetative) and generative development (Flower&Fruit).

Concentrated formulation of Phenological Range provides desired effects with small quantities. Their slightly acidic pH helps to reduce the pH of alkaline water and increase the stability and efficacy of tank mixes. They do not contain sodium, chloride and heavy metals, thus minimize the risk of contamination, scorching or phytotoxicity.

Speedfol Amino Vegetative SC

Speedfol Amino Vegetative SC is suspension concentrate liquid fertilizer contains NPK + S + 6 micro elements, enriched with amino acids and hormones. Speedfol Amino Vegetative SC is specially formulated to support plants during their vegetative development stage with providing plant nitrogen need.

Agricultural production is much more intense now compared to the past. This indicates the importance of regular fertilizing for maintaining production. For plant growth vegetative development is an important factor. Plants need more shoots and active leaves to increase photosynthesis, thus they can be ready for phenological stage to form quality fruits. Speedfol Amino Vegetative SC contains more cytokinins than auxins for vegetative development

Speedfol Amino Calmag Plus SC

Speedfol Amino Calmag Plus SC is suspension concentrate liquid fertilizer contains Ca and Mg, enriched with N, K, B, Mo and amino acids. It is a complementary product for Speedfol Amino Starter, Vegetative and Flower&Fruit with additional nutrients inside. It is specially formulated to support plants during their all phenological stages to supply calcium and magnesium need with balanced ratio.

Calcium and magnesium are two elements that are very important for plant development. Both their availability are very low at soil according to other elements. Because their ionic features soil prefers to bind calcium and magnesium than other cations. This makes calcium and magnesium fertilization very important for all phenological stages during plant development. Speedfol Amino Calmag Plus SC is specially formulated to support plants during their all phenological stages to supply calcium and magnesium need with balanced ratio.


Macro Meso Nutrients

Speedfol Calcium

Speedfol Calcium is soluble liquid fertilizer contains calcium. It can be used for post-harvest calcium application to increase shelf and storage-life of fruits, to supply plant calcium need and increase resistance against some diseases.
Calcium is an element mainly located at cell wall. This makes calcium very important for plant growth. From seed to tree all plants duplicates their cells to grow. Being a part of cell wall calcium is always needed for plants and it must be a part of every fertilization program.
Speedfol Calcium prevents and treats calcium deficiency symptoms with its high amount of calcium. The adjuvants inside provides fast and better calcium penetration to plants and reduce wash-off risk by rainfall. Speedfol Calcium increases root growth and development, fruit firmness and quality, shelf and storage life.

*Speedfol Calcium conforms to the EPA, EUREPGAP and GAP norms for foliar plant nutrition.

Micro Nutrients

Speedfol Boron

Speedfol Boron is soluble liquid fertilizer contains boron as boron ethanolamine. Boron is a micro element taking an important role at cell wall. At boron deficiencies calcium pectate formation prevented and plant defense system affected badly from this situation. Besides, boron also effective on pollen tube growth and pollen germination so deficiency of boron can cause severe lack of fruit formation or fruit set.

Speedfol Boron is applicable for both foliar application and fertigation. Its formulation is safe for applications at critical growth stages to satisfy crop requirements. It is easy to use with clear liquid formulation.



Speedfol Amino Calmag SL

Speedfol Amino Calmag SL is soluble liquid fertilizer contains 33,5% amino acids, calcium and magnesium. Product focused on over-coming stress conditions at plants beside increasing resistance against some diseases.

Amino acids take very important roles at plant metabolism such as stimulating photosynthesis and controlling of stomatal opening. On the other hand, they are activator of phyto-hormones and growth substances, taking part of protein synthesis. They are also an energy source that plants can use when needed. Free amino acids contain of Speedfol Amino Calmag SL comes of vegetal origin and assures maximum nutrient complexation beside supporting plant growth and metabolism.

In addition, calcium and magnesium are two elements that are very important for plant development. They are effective on fruit formation, firmness and quality.


Speedfol Marine SL

Speedfol Marine SL is a liquid organic seaweed product strengthens with P, K, Zn, B and amino acids that focused on over-coming stress conditions at plants. Product contains high amount of auxin content increase rooting and stimulates better root development.

Seaweed extracts usage in agricultural production is not new at rural cost regions but today it is one of the important organic fertilizer supports plant development. Natural bio-stimulant compositions of seaweeds help plants to overcome both biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

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