Wuxal Amino

Liquid organic biostimulant for the revitalization of plants suffering from stress as well as for maintenance and improvement of pesticide efficacy


      Wuxal Amino is a newly developed, liquid organic biostimulant for a quick revitalization of plants suffering from stress. Wuxal Amino is an organic bio-stimulant and contains 9 % organically fixed nitrogen, which is completely available to plants. Wuxal Amino contains amino acids (712 g/l) as well as polypeptides.

      Because of its extremely high adhesive as well as surfactant capacity, Wuxal Amino is able to stabilize or even increase the efficacy
      of pesticides.

      Wuxal Amino mainly contains proline, alanine, glycine and threonine. Besides this, Wuxal Amino contains a lot more of different types of amino acids.
      Wuxal Amino is used preferably for foliar fertilization, but can be used in fertigation as well.

      Amino acids and peptides are precursors of enzymes and growth regulators, e.g. auxines.

      Wuxal Amino meets the requirements of the European Union for admission as working fonds of ecological farming.

      Key benefits of Wuxal Amino

      • effective for strengthening the plants
      • pure organic liquid formulation
      • 100 % natural product
      • produced from regenerative raw materials
      • extremely high percentage of amino acids and polypeptides
      • toxicologically completely safe
      • easy to handle
      • activates the metabolism of enzymes
      • increases yield and quality of plants especially under stress conditions
      • improves fruit set, distribution of fruit size and colour in top fruits
      • complexing properties in relation to microelements
      • strong adhesive characteristics
      • activating power on pesticides and plant growth regulators
      • repellent to furred game

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