Wuxal Ascofol

Natural seaweed suspension for improving fruit set in fruits and vegetables and for stimulating disease resistance of crops


      WUXAL Ascofol Basic is a highly concentrated natural seaweed suspension extracted from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum. In order to preserve the biological activity of the active ingredients, fresh product is harvested by hand and the extract obtained by a particularly soft extraction technology.

      The suspension formulation allows easy handling in comparison to powder products which are usually slowly soluble and highly hygroscopic.

      WUXAL Ascofol Basic has a stimulating effect upon plants under physiological stress in their early growth. It stimulates early cell division in fruit crops and thereby improves fruit size. The high micro-nutrient content promotes fruit set and improves skin finish. Seaweed extracts like WUXAL Ascofol Basic have been reported in scientific lite-rature to enhance the activity of herbicides and pesticides.

      WUXAL Ascofol Basic is the product of choice for improving both the seedling quality as well as the ability of seedlings to survive transplanting after foliar or root application.

      International experience shows that premium quality seaweed extracts derived from Ascophyllum nodosum like WUXAL Ascofol Basic act by inducing plant resistance to fungal diseases such as mildew.

      Bioactive compounds extracted from seaweed extract are mainly Cytokinin, Auxins, Betaines and Carboxylic acid.

      Key Benefits of WUXAL Ascofol Basic

      • premium quality seaweed suspension
      • prevents micronutrient deficiency
      • improves plant growth under stress conditions
      • promotes crop quality
      • improves efficacy of pesticides and herbicides
      • stimulates natural plant defense against pathogens
      • sticks very well on the foliage
      • optimum pH-value for foliar absorption

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